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  1. David Chenkin talks about the history of his family, their origins and faith and how this background[...]
    David Chenkin, Clip 1: Sephardic Culinary Influenc [...]

  2. Judy Lee recalls some of the foods her family purchased during her childhood in Bayside and Laurelto[...]
    Judy Lee, Clip 1: Food Delivery Services in Baysid [...]

  3. David Chenkin discusses the origins and cultural differences between Sephardic and Ashkenazi Jews.[...]
    David Chenkin, Clip 2: Sephardic and Ashkenazi

  4. Bill Mihaltse reminisces about his boyhood in Queens in the 1940's and 50's. He also talks about dat[...]
    William Mihaltse, Full interview with his Daughter [...]

  5. David Chenkin explains some aspects of Kosher dietary rules.[...]
    David Chenkin, Clip 3: Kosher Rules

  6. At the time of this interview, Judy Lee is a 64 year old Jewish woman who lived in Queens for almost[...]
    Judy Lee, Full Interview

  7. Bayside resident, David Chenkin, pictured here, was the subject of a Queens Memory Project interview[...]
    David Chenkin

  8. Helen Van Dam DiBella recalls the presence of soldiers from Fort Totten in Bayside during her youth.[...]
    Helen Van Dam DiBella, Clip 2: Soldiers Around Bay [...]

  9. Mr. David Chenkin, is a lifelong Queens resident who currently resides in Bayside. He is 60 years ol[...]
    David Chenkin, Full Interview

  10. Carol Brock discusses the 1964 World's Fair and its effect on fine dining in New York City. She reca[...]
    Carol Brock, Clip 2: Fine Dining at the 1964 World [...]

  11. Bayside resident John "Jackie" Van Dam served in the U.S. Army Air Force during World War II, attain[...]
    John Van Dam

  12. Juan Barreneche discusses the reason why he chose to be a real estate agent in Queens instead of bra[...]
    Juan Barreneche, Clip 1: Why I Chose Queens