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  1. What makes Briarwood unique from other Queens neighborhoods is that it is now very much a mix of mul[...]
    Seymour Schwartz, Clip 3: The Over-development of [...]

  2. Erna commuted to Brooklyn Tech with other kids from Queens for High School in the early 1990's. If y[...]
    Erna Hernandez Barenio, Clip 4: High School in NYC [...]

  3. Aida Hernandez talks about how there was martial law in the Philippines in the early 1970's and how [...]
    Aida Hernandez, Clip1: Martial Law in the Philippi [...]

  4. Aida remembers the community being really close in Woodside. Friends and neighbors were like family.[...]
    Aida Hernandez, Clip3: Living in Woodside

  5. Joey Tabaco describes his father's U.S. military service in the Philippines during World War II. Aro[...]
    Joey Tabaco, Clip 1: Natalio Tabaco's Migrati [...]

  6. Seymour Schwartz poses for a photograph.[...]
    Sey Schwartz at Home in Briarwood

  7. Muneeb Siddiqui was born and raised in Queens. In fact, he's spent his entire life here. Muneeb went[...]
    Muneeb Siddiqui Portrait

  8. Ms. Vivian Warfield talks about the creation of Parkway Village co-op in the late 1940's. Parkway Vi[...]
    Vivian Warfield, Clip 1: The History of Parkway Vi [...]

  9. Erna Hernandez Barenio on the day of her interview.[...]
    Erna Hernandez Barenio

  10. It took Seymour Schwartz 14 years to change the subway station name to “Briarwood.” He approache[...]
    Seymour Schwartz, Clip 2: Becoming Briarwood

  11. Erna recalls growing up as a child in New York City. She mentions memories of playing tag outside, o[...]
    Erna Hernandez Barenio, Clip 1: Childhood in Queen [...]

  12. While driving a yellow cab, Muneeb Siddiqui worked from 5 pm through 6 am. He got to explore his own[...]
    Muneeb Siddiqui, Clip 1: Driving a Yellow Cab