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  1. A flyer for a hip hop event featuring a battle between artists from the Bronx and Manhattan.[...]
    ManDipLite & T-Connection: Battle of the Best

  2. Rosalind Guagliano was born and raised in the Bronx and then moved out to Smithtown, Long Island whe[...]
    Rosalind Guagliano, Full Interview

  3. Tammara talks about Epic Sounds contacting her. She found out that her tapes were overseas in German[...]
    Tammara Tillman Interview Part 1, Clip 3

  4. Janet Miles grew up in Pennsylvania before moving to upstate New York. She later relocated to differ[...]
    Janet Miles, Full Interview

  5. Tammara lives in Bronx right now, but she still represents Queens. “Queens has a different culture[...]
    Tammara Tillman Clip 3: Representing Queens

  6. Tammara Tillman was one of the pioneering women in the Queens MC community during the rise of hip ho[...]
    Tammara Tillman, Full Interview - April 29, 2017

  7. Janet Miles met her husband, Yama, through a friend named Debbie in the Bronx. Years later, Yama was[...]
    Janet Miles, Clip 1: I Didn't Know I Was Preg [...]

  8. Denise Briggs was born in Fordham Hospital in Bronx, NY. After moving around she ended up in St. Alb[...]
    Denise Briggs, Full Interview

  9. Tammara recollects of the time she was sexually assaulted at the age of sixteen. Tammara thinks the [...]
    Tammara Tillman Clip 1: Sexual Abuse

  10. Janet Miles and her family were living in the Bronx and they had a really bad landlord. They entered[...]
    Janet Miles, Clip 3: NYC Shelter System

  11. Yama talks about growing up in Harlem and Northern Bronx. He recounts the various things he witnesse[...]
    Yama Wilson, Full Interview

  12. Susan, an Irish immigrant who came by plane by herself, grew up in a family of 11. She lived in Wood[...]
    Susan McMahon