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  1. Annalou Christensen with her younger brother and sister in the Waldheim neighborhood where they grew[...]
    Annalou Christensen with her brother and sister

  2. Annalou Christensen (nee McQuilling)'s parents, Thomas and Anna McQuilling, purchased the lot for th[...]
    The McQuilling House

  3. Annalou Christensen, nee McQuilling, age 6, poses in a line of five children in the yard of her neig[...]
    Annalou Christensen, age 6

  4. Annalou Christensen stands outside her Waldheim neighborhood home in Flushing, holding a bouquet of [...]
    Annalou Christensen holding flowers

  5. Annalou Christensen (nee McQuilling) poses by a tree in the front yard of her Waldheim home.[...]
    Annalou McQuilling as a Schoolgirl