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  1. Manuel reveals his perspective about the city of New York, and mentions that it looks a lot like his[...]
    Manuel's Comparison between New York and Peru

  2. Merida tells us how she perceives herself, as a woman who struggles. She thinks that she in an enter[...]
    Merida Plasencia, Clip 2: Perspective on Herself

  3. Cyril talks about the programs he ran as a member of the Black Panthers, like the "Free Breakfast Pr[...]
    Cyril Innis Jr., Clip 3: Organizing the Streets

  4. Cyril Innis Jr. on the day of his StoryCorps interview.[...]
    Cyril Innis Jr.

  5. Lorraine Salazar explains the differences in the preparation and eating of El Salvadorian food in he[...]
    Lorraine Salazar, Clip 2: Americanized El Salvador [...]

  6. Lorraine Salazar's father is from Guatemala and her mother is from El Salvador. She identifies her f[...]
    Lorraine Salazar, Full Interview

  7. Jeffrion Aubry talks about growing up in Corona and East Elmhurst, Queens, and his college years in [...]
    Jeffrion Aubry, Full Interview

  8. Sergio expresses his appreciation for his roots and his culture. He states that it is very necessary[...]
    Sergio Rondon and the Importance of Knowing Where [...]

  9. Lorraine Salazar talks about her nationality and the traditional foods that she typically prepares a[...]
    Lorraine Salazar, Clip 1: El Salvadorian tradition [...]

  10. Sergio analyzes the negative stereotypes that Latin Americans face in the United States. He reflects[...]
    Sergio Rondon Opines about Social Problems

  11. Carmen explains why reasons she decided to bring her parents to the United States. She says her reas[...]
    Carmen Saavedra's Parents As Her Moral Suppor [...]

  12. Jeffrion Aubry talks about his father as his first role model. His father grew up in the segregated [...]
    Jeffrion Aubry, Clip 3: Role Models