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  1. Luis Pinzon who was born and raised in Quito, Ecuador talks about some of the most popular dishes fr[...]
    Luis Pinzon, Full Interview

  2. Luis Pinzon talks about the first meal he learned how to prepare, which was chicken noodle soup. He [...]
    Luis Pinzon, Clip 1: Importance of Soup in Ecuador [...]

  3. Sometimes the foods we grow up eating remain our favorites because they trigger warm and nostalgic m[...]
    Luis Pinzon, Clip 2: Eating Cuy

  4. Victor Mora discusses the importance of soups and garnish accompanying typical Ecuadorian meals. His[...]
    Victor Mora, Clip 2: Favorite Dish

  5. Victor Mora talks about traditional Ecuadorian foods and drinks he remembers having as a child.[...]
    Victor Mora, Clip 1: Traditional Ecuadorian Foods

  6. This is a picture of a ceviche, a Ecuadorian dish that is a favorite of Victor Mora.[...]
    Victor Mora's Ceviche