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  1. Florence Taylor-Johnson was an African-American political activist that lived in Elmhurst, Queens. I[...]
    Florence Taylor-Johnson, Full Interview

  2. Richard Canning with his two kids Jerry and Theresa.[...]
    The Canning Family

  3. Marisa describes the vegetarian food her family cooks to celebrate Diwali including roti, chana, pum[...]
    Marisa Gray, Clip 1: Diwali Holiday and Party Food [...]

  4. Marisa describes how she makes Sada roti, including the names of ingredients and cooking equipment. [...]
    Marisa Gray, Clip 2: Making roti

  5. After recording a reading of his poem, "in memory of mary sendek," poet and Elmhurst resident, Matth[...]
    Matthew Kremer, Full Interview

  6. Richard Canning talks about growing up in Elmhurst in the nineteen-thirties.[...]
    Richard Canning, Clip 3: A Happy Childhood

  7. Richard Canning's children, Jerry and Theresa, interview their father about his life as a resident o[...]
    Richard Canning, Full Interview

  8. Matthew Kremer outside the Queens Central Library on Merrick Blvd in Jamaica, Queens after recording[...]
    Matthew Kremer

  9. Phyllis Spigonardo's husband was a Corporal in World War II, five years before they had met. He rece[...]
    Phyllis Spigonardo, Clip 2: Corporal in World War [...]

  10. In March 1968, Florence Taylor-Johnson was working at a local social security office. A few days aft[...]
    Florence Taylor-Johnson, Clip 4: The Death of MLK

  11. Phyllis and Bill Spigonardo got married in 1952. Phyllis used to work at "Book of the Month Club", u[...]
    Phyllis Spigonardo, Clip 3: The Married Life

  12. Richard talks about Elmhurst as it was when he was growing up.[...]
    Richard Canning, Clip 2: Get a Haircut and Vote at [...]