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  1. Eighty-three year-old Moontaz Khan talks about his childhood in Guyana where he was subjected to a l[...]
    Moontaz Khan, Clip 2: Humble Origins

  2. At the time of this interview, Mr. Khan had lived in Queens Village for sixteen years. His ancestors[...]
    Moontaz Khan, Full Interview

  3. When he was twelve years old and still living in Guyana, Mahipaul Persaud had to stop attending scho[...]
    Mahipaul Persaud, Clip 2: Work Instead of Educatio [...]

  4. Jerry Persaud refrains from eating meat for religious reasons four days a week. He discusses the sig[...]
    Jerry Persaud, Clip 2: Hindu Vegetarianism

  5. Mahipaul Persaud discusses the traditional value of Indian people towards large families living toge[...]
    Mahipaul Persaud, Clip 1: The Richness of Family

  6. This interview is about the life, foods and the Hinduism beliefs of Jerry Persaud. He discusses in d[...]
    Jerry Persaud, Full Interview

  7. Jerry Persaud talks about Hindu sweets that are typically made during the holidays. He also discuses[...]
    Jerry Persaud, Clip 1: Hindu Holiday Foods

  8. Moontaz Khan talks about the traditional foods from his background which is Indian and Guyanese with[...]
    Moontaz Khan, Clip 1: Religious Foods