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  1. Nadia Germain talks about visiting Haiti now that she has been living in the US for many years. She [...]
    Nadia Germain, Clip 1: Haiti to Queens and Back

  2. Marie St. Jean explains why Haitian cuisine is a healthy alternative to other foods. She goes on to [...]
    Marie St. Jean, Clip 1: Haitian Cooking Traditions

  3. Marie St. Jean - Full Interview: This interview is about the culinary traditions of a Haitian born i[...]
    Marie St. Jean, Full Interview

  4. Solange Baptiste's Story Quilt Square incudes pansies, her mother's favorite flowers.[...]
    Solange Baptiste's Story Quilt Square

  5. Solange Baptiste talks about how her mother used to do embroidery. Solange does not embroider, but s[...]
    Solange Baptiste's Story Quilt Square Intervi [...]

  6. Patricia Brintle is long-term residents of Jackson Heights and Whitestone. In the interview, she dis[...]
    Patricia Brintle, Full Interview

  7. Nadia Germain describes soup joumou, a traditional Haitian soup eaten on New Year's Day.[...]
    Nadia Germain, Clip 3: Haitian New Year's Sou [...]

  8. Marie discusses the importance of education to her family, Haitians and to Blacks in general.[...]
    Marie Bathard Interview, Clip 3: The Importance of [...]

  9. At the time of the interview, Nadia Germain was living in Flushing, Queens. In the late 1970's, Nadi[...]
    Nadia Germain, Full Interview

  10. Solange Baptiste describes the traditional Haitian foods served for New Year's Day and Ancestors' Da[...]
    Solange Baptiste, Clip 3: Pumpkin Soup For New Yea [...]

  11. Patricia moved from Haiti to Elmhurst Queens in 1964, at age 17. She learned English from watching t[...]
    Patricia Brintle, Clip 1: Learning English

  12. Nadia Germain talks about who cooked for her as a child in Haiti and how she learned the basics of t[...]
    Nadia Germain, Clip 2: Spices of Haiti