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  1. Juanita Howard talks about her experience coming to New York from West Virginia after her high schoo[...]
    Juanita Howard, Clip 1: Moving to New York

  2. A flyer for a hip hop event in Studio 125 in Harlem, featuring artists from Brooklyn and Queens. DJ [...]
    Spider Production Present: Brooklyn vs. Queens

  3. Juanita is long-term resident living in Jamaica, Queens. In this interview, Juanita discusses her ex[...]
    Juanita Howard, Full Interview

  4. Claudius Hardy is long-term resident of St. Albans and has lived there since the 1960’s. In this i[...]
    Claudius Hardy, Full Interview

  5. Laverne White talks about eating healthy throughout her life. As a child, her family ate lots of fre[...]
    Laverne White, Clip 2: Healthy Eating Habits

  6. Yama talks about growing up in the Soundview Projects in Harlem. He discusses the bullying he would [...]
    Yama Wilson, Clip 5: The Projects Rite of Passage

  7. Yama talks about growing up in Harlem and Northern Bronx. He recounts the various things he witnesse[...]
    Yama Wilson, Full Interview

  8. Yama talks about how much he loved basketball when he was younger, how it was his escape from the vi[...]
    Yama Wilson, Clip 1: From Basketball Player to Poe [...]