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  1. A flyer for a hip hop event in Hollis. It featured DJ Lady Love.[...]
    Always Fresh

  2. Pauline Mimms smiling and posing for the camera during her Rush Production days.[...]
    Pauline Mimms Smiles For The Camera

  3. This flyer advertises a concert to be held during the Thanksgiving weekend for high school and colle[...]
    The NYC Borough Wide 1981 Nov. 28 "College Hi [...]

  4. Kickin it Live platinum records. Naughty Boy was a most successful album back in the 1990's. It mana[...]
    Kickin It Live Platinum Records

  5. Pauline Mimms smiling and posing for the camera during her Rush Productions days.[...]
    Pauline Mimms Smiling And Posing For Camera

  6. Jean Bartelt's home in Hollis, N.Y., as it looked when her parents bought it in 1935. The purchase p[...]
    Jean Bartelt's House, 1935

  7. Sheila Williams took this photo of Tina Barnes as a follow-up to their oral history interview.[...]
    Tina Barnes at her desk

  8. Jean Bartelt (far right) went begging for Thanksgiving as a child instead of trick or treating for H[...]
    Begging for Thanksgiving

  9. Kurtis Blow was one of the first successful rappers to be signed with a major label during the late [...]
    Kurtis Blow Platinum Record

  10. Pauline Mimms standing at JFK airports during her time at John Jay.[...]
    Pauline Mimms