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  1. Pastor Delois Davis at her desk inside the Community Church of Jackson Heights where she has served [...]
    Pastor Davis at her desk

  2. A flyer for a hip hop show in Jackson Heights. It featured Juice, Dougie Fresh, the Fearless 4, DJ L[...]
    Easter Sunday Super Show

  3. When Pauline was living in Staten Island, she was looking at different neighborhoods in Brooklyn. Ev[...]
    Pauline Park Clip 1: Attraction to Queens

  4. Sonia explains the different cultures and nationalities that make up Jackson Heights' population. Re[...]
    Sonia Soberats' Thoughts on Jackson Heights&# [...]

  5. Pastor Davis has lived in Queens since 1965, but moving to Jackson Heights in 2009 was, "like moving[...]
    Pastor Delois Davis, Clip1: A Diverse Congregation [...]

  6. This photo was taken the day of New York City Council Member Daniel Dromm's interview for the Queens[...]
    Daniel Dromm

  7. Christine McLaughlin discusses living in Jackson Heights. She discusses how the neighborhood has cha[...]
    Christine McLaughlin, Full Interview

  8. Thara Madathody is an Indian immigrant who moved to the US in 2003 after getting married. She talks [...]
    Thara Madathody, Full Interview

  9. Sonia shares her thoughts regarding the reasons why people from Central and Latin American come to t[...]
    Sonia Soberats: Latino Immigration

  10. Marlen Castro poses in front of artwork by students at the Renaissance Charter School, where she wor[...]
    Marlen Castro at The Renaissance Charter School

  11. Maria explains and examines her relationship with her neighbors. She goes onto examine the varieties[...]
    Maria Garcia, Clip 2: Kinship With Her Neighborhoo [...]

  12. Robin Asserson visited the 1964-1965 World's Fair several times over the course of the expo. At the [...]
    Robin Asserson, Full Interview