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  1. Carole Goldstein grew up in the suburbs and then moved back to Queens after college. She shares her [...]
    Carole Goldstein, Full Interview

  2. Eva’s mother comes from a large family which consists of eleven siblings. She notes that she’s n[...]
    Eva Roman Clip 2: Family in Kew Gardens

  3. Eva Roman was born and raised in Colombia. She immigrated to the United States in November 30th of 2[...]
    Eva Roman, Full Interview

  4. Eva describes the history of her life. She was born and raised in Columbia. Eva was in her second ye[...]
    Eva Roman Clip 1: One Block for Ten Years

  5. Eva describes the positives of living in Kew Gardens. She notes that Kew Gardens didn’t change muc[...]
    Eva Roman Clip 3: Love for Kew Gardens

  6. Pushpalatha talks about moving to Flushing and her impressions of the neighborhood. She discusses he[...]
    Pushpalatha Bhat, Clip 1: Moving to Flushing

  7. Jacqueline Shore reflects upon growing up and finding her identity and meeting her wife as a young l[...]
    Jacqueline Shore, Full Interview

  8. Jacqueline talks about finishing her Masters degree at Hunter College. She and her partner, Carole, [...]
    Jacqueline Shore, Clip 1: Apartments