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  1. An important tradition at Easter time is the preparation of a cheesy pastry called "flaounes"Athena [...]
    Athena Varnava, Clip 1: Making Flaounes for Easter

  2. Athena Varnava, was born and raised in Cyprus living with her father, mother, grandmother, and two s[...]
    Athena Varnava, Full Interview

  3. Viola Knors cooks by memory, not by exact measurements or written recipes. She explains (reluctantly[...]
    Viola Knors, Clip 1: Antonetti Family Cooking

  4. Viola Knors compares the way her grandmother and aunt made macaroni and ravioli by hand to a recent [...]
    Viola Knors, Clip 2: Family's Evolving Raviol [...]

  5. Viola Knors was born in Boston, MA to parents of Roman and Sicilian Heritage. Her family moved to Qu[...]
    Viola Knors, Full Interview

  6. Athena Varnava describes learning to make koupepia (stuffed grape leaves) from her mother-in-law. Sh[...]
    Athena Varnava, Clip 2: Making koupepia