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  1. What makes Briarwood unique from other Queens neighborhoods is that it is now very much a mix of mul[...]
    Seymour Schwartz, Clip 3: The Over-development of [...]

  2. It took Seymour Schwartz 14 years to change the subway station name to “Briarwood.” He approache[...]
    Seymour Schwartz, Clip 2: Becoming Briarwood

  3. As president of the Briarwood Community Association, Sey Schwartz is determined to give Briarwood it[...]
    Seymour Schwartz, Clip 1: Briarwood

  4. Muneeb Siddiqui is a "man of God now." He's gotten more religious. He was born a Muslim but now he's[...]
    Muneeb Siddiqui, Clip 3: A Man of God

  5. For Muneeb Siddiqui, being a chauffeur was a lot different than driving a cab. You can randomly pick[...]
    Muneeb Siddiqui, Clip 2: Chauffeur vs. Yellow Cab [...]

  6. Nestled between Kew Gardens and Jamaica, Briarwood is a place unfamiliar to many people. Community l[...]
    Seymour Schwartz, Full Interview

  7. Muneeb Siddiqui was born and raised in Queens. In fact, he's spent his entire life here. During the [...]
    Muneeb Siddiqui, Full Interview