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  1. Chun-Hee recalls one of her first and most memorable events as a recent immigrant and New York City [...]
    Chun-hee Kim, Clip 2: Most Memorable New York City [...]

  2. Dolores describes her father's childhood and how he worked for U.S. General Douglas MacArthur (1880-[...]
    Dolores Fernandez-Alic, Clip 3 : Pio Fernandez [...]

  3. When she was seven years old, Catherine Moore moved with her family to a Brooklyn tenement near her [...]
    Catherine Moore, Clip 2: Life in a to Brooklyn ten [...]

  4. Edna Davis talks about hanging out in her younger years. She hated fishing in Brooklyn, but she love[...]
    Edna Davis, Clip 1: 1940s Hangouts

  5. In 1985 Ralph attended a pioneering rap concert called Fresh Fest which featured many notable local [...]
    Ralph McDaniels, Clip 4: Ralph McDaniels At Fresh [...]