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  1. Melissa describes the moment when she received a call from her cousin saying that her father passed [...]
    Melissa Davila, Clip 1: Loss of a Father

  2. Chae Blount is a budding author and talks about how he started writing and what has taught him the m[...]
    Chae Bount, Full Interview

  3. Ms. Thomas talks about her experience growing up in a strict household and not having a boyfriend be[...]
    Ms. Thomas, Clip 1: Overprotective Childhood

  4. Mrs. Calvert recalls the difficulties she faced during her long distance relationship with a St. Joh[...]
    Ingrid Calvert, Clip 1: Long Distance Relationship

  5. Madeleine describes a moment when her heart was broken. This event occurred when she was attending s[...]
    Madeleine Jean, Clip 1: You Need Compassion

  6. Ms. Smith's mother left her and her younger siblings when Ms. Smith was eleven years old. Her mother[...]
    Veronica Smith, Clip 1: Growing Up Without Mom

  7. William Perry's heart was broken when he lost his high school sweetheart after twenty seven years of[...]
    William E. Perry Jr., Clip 1: Losing the Love of H [...]

  8. Francois Gracia speaks about his life in Haiti and his early fascination with art. He discusses his [...]
    Dr. Francois Gracia, Full Interview

  9. Mrs. Brabham tells us the emotional heartache she experienced after her son's death.[...]
    Akua (Helen) Brabham, Clip 1: Death of a Son

  10. Merrill Lindenbaum talks about her experience moving into the HELP Hollis Garden Apartments. She exp[...]
    Merrill Lindenbaum, Clip 3: HELP Hollis Garden Apa [...]

  11. Blanche Jimenez describes the time when she introduced her "gorgeous" boyfriend to her best friend, [...]
    Blanche Jimenez, Clip 1: You Will Always Love Agai [...]

  12. Chae Blount talks about his inspiration and the writing process.[...]
    Chae Blount, Clip 1: Creative Process