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  1. Maria Fortino talks about attending school in College Point. She recalls staying in class during lun[...]
    Maria Fortino, Clip 2: Sixth Grade in College Poin [...]

  2. Frank Fortino remembers his initial dislike for American food, especially hot dogs. Italian food was[...]
    Frank Fortino, Clip 1: American Cuisine and Italia [...]

  3. Maria Fortino talks about her family's journey to the United States. She and her family traveled by [...]
    Maria Fortino, Clip 1: Coming to America Onboard t [...]

  4. Frank Fortino discusses the cultural differences between life in the United States and life in Italy[...]
    Frank Fortino, Clip 2: Talking About American Cult [...]

  5. The Fortino family decided to move to the United States because they already had relatives in the Un[...]
    Frank Fortino, Clip 3: How The Fortino Family Came [...]

  6. Al Rankin talks about the events that the social clubs of Flushing would throw for fun. He describes[...]
    Al Rankin, Clip 1: Flushing Fun and Business

  7. Al talks about his predictions for the future of Flushing. He thinks there will be more business in [...]
    Al Rankin, Clip 6: The Next Center Of Business

  8. Frank discusses his experiences as a child in Calabria, Italy. Coming from extreme poverty, life was[...]
    Frank Fortino, Full Interview

  9. Al talks about the history behind the Latimer House, and tells the story of Lewis Latimer and his wo[...]
    Al Rankin, Clip 5: The Latimer House

  10. Al Rankin talks about the NAACP and the Flushing Democratic Club's work in Flushing. He discusses wh[...]
    Al Rankin, Clip 2: Flushing Political Clubs