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  1. Richard Post stresses that the NY World's Fair had a huge influence on himself and his entire genera[...]
    Richard Post, Clip 2: The City Is The World's [...]

  2. Jim Wynne was born in Brooklyn and raised in Great Neck, NY. After graduating from Harvard Universit[...]
    James (Jim) Wynne, Full Interview

  3. Richard talks about the state of Flushing Meadows Park after the World's Fair. People stopped visiti[...]
    Richard Post, Clip 4: The World's Park

  4. Richard visited the fair when he was 10 and 11 years old. He remembers the positive techno future it[...]
    Richard Post, Clip 3: The World's Fair Was th [...]

  5. Richard talks about how Robert Moses had a friend named David Oats. He was a personal friend of Robe[...]
    Richard Post, Clip 1: Robert Moses's Best Fri [...]

  6. Richard Post is a World's Fair historian and an ardent advocate for Flushing Meadows-Corona Park. He[...]
    Richard Post, Full Interview