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  1. On Robert Sullivan's first day on the job, he entered the park through the main entrance and describ[...]
    Robert J. Sullivan Clip 1: Musical Phones at the W [...]

  2. John Riccardelli describes how he began collecting World's Fair artifacts. He found his brother's st[...]
    John Riccardelli Clip 1: Collecting World's F [...]

  3. Mike Zito recalls admiring the GM exhibit and the prototypes for the cars there. Zito also remembers[...]
    Mike Zito Clip 1: Favorite 1964 World's Fair [...]

  4. Al Musaffi worked at the World's Fair while also studying nearby at Queens College as an undergradua[...]
    Al Musaffi, Full Interview

  5. James Wynne discusses technology at the World's Fair, including speech recognition at the IBM Pavili[...]
    James Wynne, Clip 1: Technological Innovations at [...]

  6. On their first date, Victoria Tambini said she'd never been ice skating, so Tony offered to take her[...]
    Victoria and Tony Tambini Clip 1: A New York City [...]

  7. In April of 1964, Natalie Mansbach would go with her husband to the World's Fair on dates, which was[...]
    Natalie Mansbach Clip 2: Date Nights at the World& [...]

  8. Esther Weinreb's parents both took her to the World's Fair in 1939 with the train. They found it ver[...]
    Esther Weinreb Clip 2: Immigrating to the United S [...]

  9. Martin Fleischer talks about the possibility of another fair coming to Flushing. He thinks it should[...]
    Martin Fleischer Clip 1: Another Fair in Flushing?

  10. Bob Gregson describes his visits to the 1964-1965 World's Fair. He was a teenager and came with his [...]
    Bob Gregson, Full Interview

  11. Reon Swaim describes the 1964 World's Fair as brilliant and exciting at night once the lights came o[...]
    Reon E. Swaim Clip 1: The Magic of the World' [...]

  12. Dr. Hassan was 7 or 8 during the 1939-1940 World's Fair. He attended the opening of the Fair and saw[...]
    Dr. Louis Hassan Clip 1: Roosevelt and La Guardia [...]