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  1. Mr. Eichenbaum discusses increasing number of people moving into the Flushing area.[...]
    Jack Eichenbaum, Clip 4: Population Increase

  2. Jack Eichenbaum is 69 and grew up in Bayside, NY. He is the official "Queens Borough Historian" [htt[...]
    Jack Eichenbaum, Full Interview

  3. In this clip, Mr. Eichenbaum talks about changing and adapting to the new influx of people coming to[...]
    Jack Eichenbaum, Clip 3: Population Adaption

  4. Jack Eichenbaum talks about the schools he attended in Flushing, from elementary through to his teen[...]
    Jack Eichenbaum, Clip 1: Education

  5. Mr. Eichenbaum tells the history of Flushing, and some of the activities and boards he is on that he[...]
    Jack Eichenbaum, Clip 2: Flushing History