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  1. Ms. Kim's first thought about seeing Flushing was that it looked dirty and felt technologically back[...]
    Eun-Young Kim, Clip 1: First Thoughts About Flushi [...]

  2. Eun-Young recalls calling 311 after seeing a 311 poster at her doctor's office. She called 311 becau[...]
    Eun-Young Kim, Clip 2: Getting Public Assistance f [...]

  3. Ms. Kim moved to America from South Korea settling in Flushing, where she lived for four years. Soon[...]
    Eun-Young Kim, Full Interview

  4. Ms. Kim's decision to stay in the United States was mostly because of her son Rex Ryan who was born [...]
    Eun-Young Kim, Clip 3: Why I've Decided to St [...]