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  1. Andrew Correa explains how he became overweight and what he did to change his eating habits to be he[...]
    Andrew Correa, Clip 2: Combining Culinary Traditio [...]

  2. The Ganesh Temple is the largest one in the area, but not in comparison to places where it is easier[...]
    Ganapathy Padmanabhan, Clip 5: Size and significan [...]

  3. Ganapathy's daughter attended John Bowne High School from the 10th-12th grade, from 1979-1982. Growi[...]
    Ganapathy Padmanabhan, Clip 4: Daughter's edu [...]

  4. Dr. Uma Mysorekar describes how the influx of immigrants into the Flushing and population growth led[...]
    Uma Mysorekar, Clip 6: Why Flushing is the home of [...]

  5. Nettie and Lisa Stewart say Flushing Creek was polluted for years until the Sky View shopping and ho[...]
    Nettie and Lisa Stewart, Clip 5: Flushing Creek

  6. Lisa Stewart describes her family being one of only two African American families in the congregatio[...]
    Nettie and Lisa Stewart, Clip 1: St. John's L [...]

  7. Al Rankin talks about how the black community in Flushing has changed over time. He thinks it has go[...]
    Al Rankin, Clip 4: The Black Community in Flushing

  8. David Casterline and his wife Bridget Casterline reminisce about his proposal to her and the prepara[...]
    David and Bridget Casterline, Full Interview

  9. Carol Lee Whiting describes the shops that lined Main Street, Flushing, in the 1940s and 50s. Bakeri[...]
    Carol Lee Whiting, Clip 2: Shopping on Main Street

  10. Josephine Caputi emigrated from Italy to the United States in 1966 when she was twelve years old. He[...]
    Josephine Caputi, Full Interview

  11. Geeta and Hansa describe how the Flushing has changed since they moved to Queens. There are many mor[...]
    Geeta Sharma and Hansa Muni, Clip 2: Changes in th [...]

  12. Mr. Hourahan relates that in 1970, his wife's cousins used to go to a Japanese store on Main Street [...]
    Richard Hourahan, Clip 5: 1970s in Flushing