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  1. Jon recalls his family moving from Brooklyn to Forest Hills in 1941.[...]
    Jon Sperling, Clip 1: Moving to Forest Hills

  2. Tina Barnes describes a confrontation she had with her daughter Nicole's high school principal who s[...]
    Tina Barnes, Clip 1: Fighting for Daughter's [...]

  3. Marilyn Reichstein describes growing up in Flushing in the 1950's as a time when children had more i[...]
    Marilyn Reichstein, Clip 2: Growing up in Flushing

  4. Marilyn Reichstein describes how during WWII, her neighbor Mr. Malcomson allowed everyone in the nei[...]
    Marilyn Reichstein, Clip 4: Victory garden

  5. Marilyn Reichstein's father was a member of Temple Gates of Prayer in downtown Flushing. He helped f[...]
    Marilyn Reichstein, Clip 1: Jewish community in Fl [...]

  6. Marilyn Reichstein describes the exterior and interior of her childhood home, which still stands tod[...]
    Marilyn Reichstein, Clip 5: Childhood home