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  1. Vincent Arcuri is on the Community Board 5 where he speaks about the history of Glendale and how it'[...]
    Vincent Arcuri, Full Interview

  2. Edna Davis shares memories of wearing costumes and going door to door for treats on Thanksgiving mor[...]
    Edna Davis, Clip 3: Thanksgiving Trick or Treating

  3. Glendale was planned in 1911 and started being built in 1927. The town is isolated separated by rail[...]
    Vincent Arcuri, Clip 2: The History of Glendale

  4. Edna Davis, Full interview[...]
    Edna Davis, Full Interview

  5. Edna Davis tells her grandson Chris Mazura about her time in junior high school, which included home[...]
    Edna Davis, Clip 2: Early Memories of School and C [...]