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  1. Ekta Kaur mentions that education is very important in India. In some cities in India, there are pla[...]
    Ekta Kaur, Clip 1: Education in India

  2. Joginder Paul Jindal grew up in India. He worked in business there after his studies and lived in a [...]
    Joginder Paul Jindal, Full Interview

  3. Shavetta describes moving to New York from India as "not that much fun" because there were not as ma[...]
    Shavetta Gupta, Clip 2: Immigrating from India

  4. Joginder describes some of the special places that he visited with his friends in India. He talks ab[...]
    Joginder Paul Jindal Clip 1: Memories of India

  5. Shavetta Gupta met her husband Rajesh, who lived in the United States with his family, through famil[...]
    Shavetta Gupta, Clip 4: How Shavetta Gupta Met Her [...]