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  1. Hikmah talks about how she would take the bus to school. She recalls a specific story of how she was[...]
    Hikmah Abodunrin Clip 2: Late For the SATs

  2. Bob Trabold discusses the civic organization he has recently formed, the Hillcrest/Jamaica Hills Nei[...]
    Robert Trabold, Clip 2: Community Activist

  3. Bob Trabold recalls the greater amount of open space in the Jamaica of his childhood. He especially [...]
    Robert Trabold, Clip 1: Open Land in Jamaica

  4. Robert (Bob) Trabold is a highly educated activist who has returned to his childhood home in Jamaica[...]
    Bob Trabold, Full Interview

  5. Hikmah talks about her time in Queens College. She talks about the friends she made: from members wi[...]
    Hikmah Abodunrin Clip 3: Religion to Pizza

  6. Bob Trabold lives again in his childhood home in Jamaica after a 30-year absence. His memories of th[...]
    Robert Trabold, Clip 4: "Empty Store"

  7. Hikmah talks about speaking Yoruba at home. Her parents only speak to her siblings and her in Yoruba[...]
    Hikmah Abodunrin Clip 4: Speaking Yoruba