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  1. Ysmeria identifies neither as American or Dominican. She was born in the United States, where she be[...]
    Ysmeria Jerez's Cultural Identification

  2. In the second part of his interview with Queens Memory, Keith Perrin focuses on the development of F[...]
    Keith Perrin, Second Full Interview

  3. Akili Walker was born in Queens and then moved to Freeport, Long Island. His family were the first a[...]
    Akili Walker, Full Interview

  4. Akili Walker discusses his thoughts on on hip-hop, the significance of the drum machine, why some ar[...]
    Akili Walker, Clip 1: On Hip-Hop

  5. Father Christopher Piasta of Saint Joseph's Church is a resident of South Jamaica, Queens. In this i[...]
    Christopher Piasta, Full Interview

  6. Ralph McDaniels talks about how the show "Video Music Box" evolved from the original show "Studio 31[...]
    Ralph McDaniels, Clip 2: "Video Music Box&quo [...]

  7. Jamaica Residence is a non-cooking facility. A lot of the private shelters are regular apartments. Y[...]
    Janet Miles, Clip 2: Living In A Shelter

  8. Hall talks about his love of horses. He went to a riding academy and sent his children to riding cam[...]
    Curly Hall, Clip 5: Love of Horses

  9. Yama talks about his activities and his experiences living in the shelter, including the violence he[...]
    Yama Wilson, Clip 7: Yama's Building Somethin [...]

  10. Hall mentions that he and his wife saved to buy their home. They barely spent anything. He later spe[...]
    Curly Hall, Clip 4: Buying a Home

  11. Yama talks about how he moved to Queens. He talks about his first couple of years living in the home[...]
    Yama Wilson, Clip 3: Moving into Queens

  12. Denise talks about Grandmaster Flash and her first experience playing at the club Fantasia located i[...]
    Denise Briggs (DJ Lady Love), Clip 1: Playing at t [...]