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  1. From interviewer, Sheila Williams, "Rebecca Rushfield lived in Kew Gardens, Flushing New York for 56[...]
    Rebecca Rushfield, Full Interview

  2. Long-time resident Rebecca Rushfield discusses changes she has witnessed in Kew Gardens since growin[...]
    Rebecca Rushfield, Clip 1: Safety and movement aro [...]

  3. George Rushfield, a Queens College alum and longtime resident of Kew Gardens Hills, discusses his te[...]
    George Rushfield, Clip 3: Teaching in Flushing

  4. George Rushfield has lived in the Kew Gardens Hills section of Flushing, very near Queens College, s[...]
    George Rushfield, Full Interview

  5. George Rushfield describes some changes to his neighborhood in Kew Gardens Hills over time. Although[...]
    George Rushfield, Clip 2: A Sabbath-Observing Comm [...]