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  1. Norma Lee was a nurse in Manhattan's Doctors Hospital, which used to stand across the street from Gr[...]
    Norma Lee, Clip 3: Nursing Career at Doctors Hospi [...]

  2. Laverne White talks about the diversity of cuisines in Queens, and how she eats out often and enjoys[...]
    Laverne White, Clip 4: Eating Out in Queens

  3. In 1971, Norma and Robert Lee moved their family to Laurelton, Queens from their apartment in Manhat[...]
    Norma Lee, Clip 2: Norma Lee Describes Her Home

  4. In the summer of 1971, after Norma and Robert Lee moved their family to Laurelton, Queens, they soon[...]
    Norma Lee, Clip 1: Ethnic Shift in the Neighborhoo [...]

  5. Laverne White talks about breakfast foods she grew up eating and then fed to her children as well as[...]
    Laverne White, Clip 3: Shrimp and Grits

  6. Mrs. Laverne White is a New York City native. Born in the mid 1930’s to parents who migrated from [...]
    Laverne White, Full Interview

  7. Laverne White describes what she is going to prepare for dinner the night of this interview and then[...]
    Laverne White, Clip 1: What's for Dinner

  8. Laverne White talks about eating healthy throughout her life. As a child, her family ate lots of fre[...]
    Laverne White, Clip 2: Healthy Eating Habits