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  1. Chun-Hee is saved after USPS workers recover her weekly paycheck from the post office.[...]
    Chun-hee Kim, Clip 1: Second Most Memorable Event [...]

  2. Elizabeth Mihaltse interviews her father William about how he met her mother, Diane, and other detai[...]
    William Mihaltse on Meeting his Wife

  3. Dorian Rudnytsky is the son of two popular musicians in Ukraine. His parents taught him the ways of [...]
    Dorian Rudnytsky, Full Interview Part 2

  4. Both of Dorian's parents were really well known in their country (Ukraine). Who had to come to the U[...]
    Dorian Rudnytsky Clip 1: Musicians to Chicken Farm

  5. Coming out of Rodgers, Julliard felt really different to Dorian. Everyone was so focused on their mu[...]
    Dorian Rudnytsky Clip 3: Fish in the Pond

  6. Denny Meyer's mother came to the United States to escape the Nazis and their targeted extermination [...]
    Denny Meyer, Clip 2: Coming to America During the [...]

  7. Dorian's parents still managed to stabilize their Ukrainian culture despite living in the United Sta[...]
    Dorian Rudnytsky Clip 2: Ukrainian Culture