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  1. Dale Arthur discusses his frustration with life in NYC, and talks about ways to improve it.[...]
    Dale Arthur, Full Interview

  2. Cynthia talks about how record companies wanted to spread positive music to different communities, a[...]
    Cynthia Horner, Clip 3: Talks About Record Compani [...]

  3. One of the offshoots of NYAGRA was a short-term project Pauline conducted with Sheila Lambert (a not[...]
    Pauline Park Clip 2: Victories

  4. Ralph was able to tell what part of New York someone was from by the way they dress. Queens would ma[...]
    Ralph McDaniels, Clip 5: Ralph McDaniels Talks Abo [...]

  5. Catherine and Paras are new to New York and talk about their first couple of months in the city.[...]
    Paras Ghelani and Catherine McNab, Full Interview

  6. Christin Bowman talks about her time in New York.[...]
    Christin Bowman, Full Interview

  7. Tom says he now sees himself as a writer. He talks about leaving CNN and conducting research for his[...]
    Tom Padilla, Clip 4: Writing

  8. Christine, visiting from Warwick, Rhode Island, shares her thoughts on New York, and on the Panorama[...]
    Christine Brunelle, Full Interview

  9. Originally from Vermont, David has lived in Brooklyn for fifteen years. He describes what it was lik[...]
    David Lamoureux, Full Interview

  10. Helen Griffin talks about the connection between textiles and technology.[...]
    Helen Griffin's Story Quilt Square Interview

  11. Tom discusses how immigrants have influenced the city and its people.[...]
    Tom Padilla, Clip 5: Immigrants in New York City

  12. Ying Zhou describes the incredible energy she feels is unique to New York City.[...]
    Ying Zhou, Clip 1: New York's Energy