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  1. Scott Ruthizer describes some of the challenges he faced when starting up his own accounting practic[...]
    Scott Ruthizer, Clip 3: Starting a Practice

  2. Compared to the stresses of accounting work, Scott Ruthizer finds teaching his classes at Queens Col[...]
    Scott Ruthizer, Clip 1: Accounting vs. Teaching

  3. Arnold Franco talks about the process of creating the World War II Memorial. He talks about how sad [...]
    Arnold Franco, Clip 2: Creating the Queens College [...]

  4. Annalou Christensen describes how Queens College used to be a boy's reform school. At Christensen's [...]
    Annalou Christensen, Clip 11: Queens College was a [...]

  5. Scott Ruthizer describes the challenges of starting over as a junior accountant after years of work [...]
    Scott Ruthizer, Clip 2: A Humbling Experience

  6. Arnold Franco talks about the semester he took 32 credits. He also had a job during that time as wel[...]
    Arnold Franco, Clip 1: Busy is an Understatement

  7. Scott Ruthizer, a full-time lecturer in Queens College's accounting department, enjoys teaching very[...]
    Scott Ruthizer, Full Interview