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  1. Dr. Sarah Covington Interview transcript and timecodes: Dr. Covington is a professor at Queens Colle[...]
    Sarah Covington, Full Interview

  2. Sarah Covington discusses what she was taught from media and the role models that she felt contribut[...]
    Dr. Sarah Covington, Clip 3: Media Teachings

  3. Mary talks about the specific discrimination that women face in the world of academia. She recalls s[...]
    Mary Reuder, Clip 6: Discrimination Against Women

  4. Jeremy Magno is a Queens College student who is majoring in Urban Studies. He is Filipino, grew up i[...]
    Jeremy Magno, Full Interview

  5. Queens College CUNY Urban Studies professor, Dr Leonard Rodberg, shares the intersection of his reli[...]
    Leonard Rodberg, Clip 1: Nuclear Physics and Relig [...]

  6. Queens College CUNY Urban Studies professor, Dr Leonard Rodberg, describes his research and teaching[...]
    Leonard Rodberg, Clip 7: Research Interests and Go [...]

  7. Dr Sarah Covington offers some kind advice to her student, Robert Lee, connected to the pursuit of a[...]
    Dr. Sarah Covington, Clip 1: Advice for an Undergr [...]

  8. Mary says when academic institutions are small, students can afford to take part in school sponsored[...]
    Mary Reuder, Clip 7: Warmth That's Gone

  9. Jeremy talks about his favorite professor at Queens College, Tarry Hum. He talks about the three cla[...]
    Jeremy Magno, Clip 2: Learning From Field Work

  10. Queens College CUNY Urban Studies professor, Dr Leonard Rodberg, recounts his professional history i[...]
    Leonard Rodberg, Clip 3: Energy Conservation Resea [...]

  11. Mary Reuder says that if you want to maje the most of your place, you need to master the whole insti[...]
    Mary Reuder, Clip 1: Master It

  12. Dr. Leonard Rodberg, chair of the Urban Studies department at Queens College, explains the different[...]
    Leonard Rodberg, First Full Interview