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  1. Nick Hirshon discussed his coverage of the Nepali community in Queens. He spoke fondly about attendi[...]
    Nicholas Hirshon Interview Part 2: Clip 4

  2. Mr. Mohan states that during the 1970's, immigration was difficult unless you were a high level work[...]
    P. Ramaswamy and Radhika Mohan, Clip 1: Changes in [...]

  3. Natalie talks about her personality and mentions that she always felt the need to record information[...]
    Natalie Milbrodt, Clip 5: Writing

  4. Marie talks about what happiness means to her. She mentions the importance of charity and education [...]
    Marie Bathard Interview, Clip 2: Happiness

  5. Marcia Rivera came to the United States because she had a vision of America being a beautiful countr[...]
    Marcia Rivera, Clip 1: Obstacles

  6. Marina Bardash Nebro talks about whay her father's life story is so inspring to her.[...]
    Marina Bardash Nebro, Clip 3: My Father's Ach [...]

  7. The Mohans discuss their son and daughter. Their daughter is married with a family, but is not relig[...]
    P. Ramaswamy and Radhika Mohan, Clip 5: Their son [...]

  8. Melvin Reid Jr. was disc jockey back in the 1980's. In this interview, he talks about how life back [...]
    Melvin Reid Jr., Full Interview

  9. Elaine discusses her father’s life as a builder in New York after he escaped the Holocaust. It was[...]
    Elaine Gurian, Clip 3: Working as a Builder in the [...]

  10. Richard implores people to be outspoken about injustice and bigotry.[...]
    Richard Wandel, Clip 2: Speak Out

  11. Ms. Vivian Warfield talks about her parents who originally lived in Weeksville, Brooklyn. They moved[...]
    Vivian Warfield, Clip 2: Roots in South Ozone, Que [...]

  12. Jacob Clarkson talks about his volunteer service that he regularly does at his church. He talks abou[...]
    Jacob Clarkson, Clip 1: Volunteering at a Church