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  1. Amanda Dargan and Eleftheria Delis discuss the methods Amanda has developed for working with artists[...]
    Eleftheria Delis, Clip 3: City Lore's Teachin [...]

  2. Eleftheria Delis and Amanda Dargan discuss the joys of teaching, specifically when a young person tr[...]
    Eleftheria Delis, Clip 4: Teaching Transformation

  3. Eleftheria Delis shares some of her family's history in Greece and Cyprus before immigrating to the [...]
    Eleftheria Delis, Clip 1: Family History and Immig [...]

  4. Eleftheria Delis discusses her childhood and the struggles she overcame at school as a first generat[...]
    Eleftheria Delis, Clip 2: Struggles of a First Gen [...]

  5. Eleftheria Delis and Amanda Dargan full discussion together.[...]
    Eleftheria Delis, Full Interview

  6. Ekta Kaur currently resides in a house in Richmond Hill. She lives with her in laws and her husband.[...]
    Ekta Kaur, Clip 4: Diversity of Richmond Hill