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  1. Ms. Blunnie remembers the parties at the private Sunnyside Gardens Park on holidays, and rummage sal[...]
    Betty Blunnie, Clip 4: Sunnyside Gardens Park

  2. Mrs. McDonald's husband had to start working when he was 14 years old due to his father's untimely d[...]
    Gertrude McDonald, Clip 2: Husband's career a [...]

  3. Gertrude McDonald says Sunnyside was so safe, residents could leave money in milk bottle for milkman[...]
    Gertrude McDonald, Clip 3: Campaign for More Polic [...]

  4. Julian Williams worked at Harvey’s Limousine Service, which was located in Sunnyside in the 1970s.[...]
    Julian Williams, Clip 3: Driving a Limousine

  5. Mrs. McDonald relates how in 1968, the women she worked with to protest the construction of a narcot[...]
    Gertrude McDonald, Clip 6: Running for Office

  6. Joginder Paul Jindal first lived in Corona, then Astoria after he immigrated to the U.S. and current[...]
    Joginder Paul Jindal Clip 2: Culture In Sunnyside

  7. Ms. Blunnie talks about the improvement in shopping options and says she wished La Guardia College h[...]
    Betty Blunnie, Clip 5: Shopping and LaGuardia Coll [...]

  8. Mr. Vilensky and Ms. Verano describe the various activities and entertainment at the Sunnyside Commu[...]
    Jenny Verano and Abe Vilensky, Clip 7: Activities [...]

  9. In 1923, Mrs. McDonald's family moved to Sunnyside from Yorkville where most of the apartments were [...]
    Gertrude McDonald, Clip 1: Mother picked the top f [...]

  10. Ms. Blunnie says housing in Sunnyside is still the same as it used to be, but many of the buildings [...]
    Betty Blunnie, Clip 3: Sunnyside is a good communi [...]

  11. Mrs. McDonald became a community activist in the 1960's. Her earliest involvement was a campaign for[...]
    Gertrude McDonald, Clip 4: Campaigning for a traff [...]

  12. Ms. Blunnie describes changes in the Sunnyside neighborhood. There is a Wendy's fast food restaurant[...]
    Betty Blunnie, Clip 2: Sunnyside Gardens Arena