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  1. Robert Calabretta talks about the symbolism of his quilt square.[...]
    Robert Calabretta's Story Quilt Square Interv [...]

  2. Sharlene Chou recalls the unfamiliar foods she encountered in the U.S., including salad dressing.[...]
    Sharlene Chou, Clip 2: Trying New Foods

  3. Cynthia Horner talks about how music and religion gave a voice to disenfranchised people. Rappers we[...]
    Cynthia Horner, Clip 5: Cynthia And Rappers

  4. Solange Baptiste explains the difficulties she had baking when she first arrived in New York.[...]
    Solange Baptiste, Clip 2: Haitian vs. American Flo [...]

  5. Danny Meyer served in the United States Army for ten years. While serving in the army, he faced a lo[...]
    Denny Meyer, Clip 3: Serving in the Military as a [...]

  6. Solange Baptiste describes how she initially feared moving to the United States, but has made a beau[...]
    Solange Baptiste, Clip 4: Blessings in My New Home

  7. Sharlene Chou reflects on how her extended family has grown and changed over the years since she has[...]
    Sharlene Chou, Clip 4: Home Is Where Family Is

  8. Thadine Wormly talks about how quilts were used by slaves to pass along secret codes. The visual cod[...]
    Thadine Wormly's Story Quilt Square 1 Intervi [...]

  9. Thadine Wormly discusses what quilting means to her.[...]
    Thadine Wormly's Story Quilt Square 2 Intervi [...]