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  1. Raisa Golubchik discusses her country of origin and moving to Woodside, Queens. She describes typica[...]
    Raisa Golubchik, Clip 1: Traditional Russian cuisi [...]

  2. Dumitru Radu has lived in Woodside since coming to the United States with his wife and son in the mi[...]
    Dumitru Radu, Full Interview

  3. Aida remembers the community being really close in Woodside. Friends and neighbors were like family.[...]
    Aida Hernandez, Clip3: Living in Woodside

  4. Jenny Verano came to Queens from Colombia in 1964 and moved to Woodside 43 years ago. Abe Vilensky f[...]
    Jenny Verano and Abe Vilensky, Full Interview

  5. Dumitru Radu remembers buying his family's home in Woodside in the 1950s, and contemplates how the c[...]
    Dumitru Radu, Clip 1: Buying a Home in Woodside

  6. Erna recalls growing up as a child in New York City. She mentions memories of playing tag outside, o[...]
    Erna Hernandez Barenio, Clip 1: Childhood in Queen [...]

  7. Raisa Golubchik talks about the potato being one of the most popular ingredients in Russian cuisine.[...]
    Raisa Golubchik, Clip 2: Nostalgic food

  8. Mr. Vilensky and Mrs. Verano enjoy their neighborhood because they live close to a movie theater, a [...]
    Jenny Verano and Abe Vilensky, Clip 1: Woodside is [...]

  9. Mr. Vilensky describes getting an apartment in Woodside in 1946, through his sister-in-law's father [...]
    Jenny Verano and Abe Vilensky, Clip 4: Getting an [...]

  10. Jessica Ramirez learned English by watching TV programs. She received assistance from people who spo[...]
    Jessica Ramirez, Clip 1: Learning English

  11. Mr. Vilensky and Ms. Verano describe the changes that have occurred in terms of the ethnicity and na[...]
    Jenny Verano and Abe Vilensky, Clip 3: Changing et [...]

  12. Mr. Vilensky talks about Woodside in the 1940's. He remembers there used to be 4 Jewish centers and [...]
    Jenny Verano and Abe Vilensky, Clip 2: Woodside in [...]