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  1. Orestes Gonzalez was born in Cuba and migrated to the US in 1961. He predominantly lived in Miami, T[...]
    Orestes Gonzalez, Full Interview

  2. Terrance Kelly who goes by the musical name Mr. Cheeks is a rapper and hip-hop artist who was born i[...]
    Mr. Cheeks, Full Interview

  3. Daniel Agudelo discusses making many new friends and being able to keep in contact with them.[...]
    Daniel Agudelo, Clip 1: Friends

  4. Orestes Gonzalez talks about what Queens needs for the future, policies to keep it diverse, and impr[...]
    Orestes Gonzalez, Clip 5: Improving Queens

  5. Daniel Agudelo talks about his parents: the ones who have raised him, and those who have not been in[...]
    Daniel Agudelo, Clip 3: Parenting

  6. Orestes Gonzalez talks about his photography exhibit of portraits of artist living in Long Island Ci[...]
    Orestes Gonzalez, Clip 3: Orestes Gonzalez Describ [...]

  7. Bob Singleton, Executive Director of the Greater Astoria Historical Society, at the Greater Astoria [...]
    Bob Singleton

  8. Denny discusses his experience growing up a community of Holocaust survivors and refugees who came t[...]
    Denny Meyer, Clip 1: Growing Up in a Community of [...]

  9. Orestes Gonzalez on the day of his interview.[...]
    Orestes Gonzalez

  10. Cynthia Horner is the Editor in Chief of Hip Hop Weekly Magazine. In this interview, she discusses h[...]
    Cynthia Horner, Full Interview

  11. Daniel Agudelo talks about what sports he participated in after school. He also dicusees what he lov[...]
    Daniel Agudelo: Clip 2: Life Activites

  12. Orestes thinks there is both good and bad things about the potential Amazon HQ in Long Island City. [...]
    Orestes Gonzalez, Clip 4: Amazon HQ in Long Island [...]