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  1. Ekta and her husband are shown celebrating their anniversary on a one day Spirit cruise in Manhattan[...]
    Spirit Cruises 2013

  2. Arnold Franco in his home in Manhattan, standing in front of a photograph taken in Normandy, where v[...]
    Arnold Franco At Home

  3. Ben Haber's mother Lena's family - From left to right, Ida Weissbach and her husband Morris Weissbac[...]
    Lena Haber with Ida and Morris Weissbach

  4. A frame full of promotional materials from the book he wrote (with Paula Aselin Spellman) "Code to V[...]
    Arnold Franco - book promotion materials.

  5. Husband and wife David and Lori Kass on the day of their StoryCorps interview.[...]
    David and Lori Kass

  6. Michelle Spigonardo with her grandmother Phyllis Spigonardo at Grand Central Station, on the day of [...]
    Michelle and Phyllis Spigonardo

  7. Ekta and her husband Raju are shown on a one day Spirit cruise in Manhattan celebrating their first [...]
    Anniversary Date in Manhattan

  8. Father and daughter William and Elizabeth Mihaltse on the day of their StoryCorps interview.[...]
    William and Elizabeth Mihaltse