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  1. Antonina Cucchiara discusses the immigration process which included obtaining passports and vaccinat[...]
    Antonina Cucchiara, Clip 1: Antonina Cucchiara Com [...]

  2. Antonina Cucchiara discusses her experiences with learning English. She recalls her time in school a[...]
    Antonina Cucchiara, Clip 2: The Only Redhead Itali [...]

  3. Catherine Moore, full interview by her friend Susan Tanebaum, They worked together in the offices of[...]
    Catherine Moore, Full Interview

  4. Maureen Powell (far left) pictured with her siblings Kevin Matthews (center) and Nancy Matthews (far[...]
    Young Maureen Powell at Grandma's

  5. Nina Cucchiara was born in Sicily, Italy. She describes her life in Italy as a happy and comfortable[...]
    Antonina Cucchiara, Clip 3: Childhood In Italy

  6. The Powells show off the latest addition to the family.[...]
    Maureen Powell as a Newborn and Family