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  1. Isaac Haber wrote this essay for a school assignment when he was twelve years old. He describes his [...]
    Isaac Haber's essay on his Grandpa Haber

  2. The document contains Stephen Sabatini's notes for his interview with John Belmonte.[...]
    Stephen Sabatini's Background Notes for John [...]

  3. The interview was conducted on December 9, 1987 in conference room in the city room at the New York [...]
    Interview Setting

  4. Stephen Sabatini writes about his interview with John Belmonte. Sabatini writes about Belmonte's asp[...]
    John Belmonte's Biography

  5. John Belmonte gave his permission to Professor Bette Weidman to listen to his interview for her clas[...]
    John Belmonte Permission Slip

  6. Flushing resident Benjamin Haber and his wife Ethyl Haber pose for a portrait on the day of their St[...]
    Benjamin and Ethyl Haber

  7. Ben Haber's mother, Lena Haber (nee Klein) immigrated to the United States when she was about sixtee[...]
    Lena Haber's Certificate of Naturalization

  8. Stephen writes about his aim for the three interviews he conducted. He wanted to find career intenti[...]
    Stephen Sabatini's Indexing