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  1. Wally Rosenthal describes how he began his first semester at Queens College in September, 1964 in th[...]
    Wally Rosenthal, Clip 3: Activism and Queens Colle [...]

  2. Al Rankin - Full Interview: Al Rankin has been living in Flushing since 1975. He settled in the Carl[...]
    Al Rankin, Full Interview

  3. Walter "Wally" Rosenthal was born and raised in Flushing, Queens. In 1941, his parents moved from Ja[...]
    Wally Rosenthal, Full Interview

  4. Al Rankin talks about moving into Flushing after growing up in Mississippi. He talks about the apart[...]
    Al Rankin, Clip 3: From Mississippi To Flushing