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  1. Gjeva Celaj with her daughters and granddaughter.[...]
    Gjeva Celaj with daughters and granddaughters

  2. Gjeva Celaj recalls her childhood on a farm in Peja, Kosovo and the many foods her family produced t[...]
    Gjeva Celaj, Clip 2: Homemade Yogurt and Coffee

  3. Baklava is a rich, sweet pastry made of layers of filo filled with chopped nuts and sweetened and he[...]

  4. Tulumba is a popular dessert found in the cuisines of the former Ottoman Empire. It is a fried batte[...]

  5. Fli, also known as Flia or flija, is a dish in Albanian cuisine and Kosovo Albanian cuisine. It cons[...]

  6. Gjeva Celaj talks about Albanian neighborhoods in New York City and the types of food she gets in th[...]
    Gjeva Celaj, Clip 3: Old Wives' Tales

  7. Ann Elizabeth Chan was born in Hong Kong in 1935. She immigrated to America with a foster family who[...]
    Ann Elizabeth Chan, Full Interview

  8. Andrew Correa is at a family member's wedding reception. He is enjoying the great weather and wonder[...]
    Andrew Correa at a family wedding

  9. Gjeva Celaj who was born and raised in Peja, Kosovo, immigrated to the US in June 1, 1987. In that t[...]
    Gjeva Celaj, Full Interview

  10. Ann Elizabeth Chan recalls leaving Manhattan's Chinatown and moving to Long Island in the 1950s with[...]
    Ann Elizabeth Chan Clip 1: Making a New Home Despi [...]

  11. Esther Tabaco-Costanzo recalls her first memory of Queens and the importance of her father's backyar[...]
    Esther Tabaco-Costanzo, Clip 3: Childhood Memories [...]

  12. Esther Tabaco-Costanzo is a real estate professional who lives in New Hyde Park, Queens, with her hu[...]
    Esther Tabaco-Costanzo, Full Interview