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  1. Dale Arthur discusses his frustration with life in NYC, and talks about ways to improve it.[...]
    Dale Arthur, Full Interview

  2. Marilyn A. Simpson's Story Quilt Square represents her love of design.[...]
    Marilyn A. Simpson's Story Quilt Square

  3. Richard discusses his life and history in Queens, specifically on his activism, career, religion, an[...]
    Richard Wandel, Full Interview

  4. Marilyn Simpson talks about moving from North Carolina to New York. She discusses her life long love[...]
    Marilyn A. Simpson's Story Quilt Square Inter [...]

  5. Diana Huang's Story Quilt Square depicts a horse, which holds symbolic meaning for her.[...]
    Diana Huang's Story Quilt Square

  6. Stephen Au talks about his love of sewing.[...]
    Stephen Au's Story Quilt Square Interview

  7. Richard implores people to be outspoken about injustice and bigotry.[...]
    Richard Wandel, Clip 2: Speak Out

  8. A former resident of Soho now living in Illinois, Marianne Malone Fineberg is back in New York for a[...]
    Marianne Malone Fineberg, Full Interview

  9. Ralph McDaniels talks about how the show "Video Music Box" evolved from the original show "Studio 31[...]
    Ralph McDaniels, Clip 2: "Video Music Box&quo [...]

  10. Katrina Forman, a Jackson Heights resident for the past five months, remembers going to City Hall in[...]
    Katrina Forman, Full Interview

  11. Ida Budman explains a union organized work stoppage incident in which she played an integral part.[...]
    Ida Budman, Clip 2: Work Stoppage

  12. Edgar Roman reflects on what he hopes to achieve after relocating to New York City from Medellin, Co[...]
    Edgar Roman, Clip 4: Expectations For My New Home