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  1. Naida Nelson-Njoku recounts her long personal history as a doll collector. Her dolls have been in ho[...]
    Naida Nelson-Njoku, Clip 1: Doll Collector Naida N [...]

  2. Hikmah talks about how she grew up in three different places: Nigeria, Brooklyn, and then Queens. Sh[...]
    Hikmah Abodunrin Clip 1: From Nigeria to Queens

  3. This is an interview with Naida Nelson-Njoku, the creator of the Maria Rose Doll Museum on Linden Bo[...]
    Naida Nelson-Njoku, Full Interview

  4. Hikmah talks about how she would take the bus to school. She recalls a specific story of how she was[...]
    Hikmah Abodunrin Clip 2: Late For the SATs

  5. Hikmahis Nigerian and has been living in South Jamaica for the last 7 years. She previously lived in[...]
    Hikmah Abodunrin, Full Interview

  6. Hikmah talks about her time in Queens College. She talks about the friends she made: from members wi[...]
    Hikmah Abodunrin Clip 3: Religion to Pizza

  7. Hikmah talks about speaking Yoruba at home. Her parents only speak to her siblings and her in Yoruba[...]
    Hikmah Abodunrin Clip 4: Speaking Yoruba