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  1. James Gilligan writes about his interview with Cosmo Vero. He learned about where Cosmo lived. Gilli[...]
    Cosmo Vero Interview Summary

  2. Marie provides an overview of her education, career and her life from emigrating to the US from Hait[...]
    Marie Bathard Interview, Clip 1: Life Overview

  3. When he was twelve years old and still living in Guyana, Mahipaul Persaud had to stop attending scho[...]
    Mahipaul Persaud, Clip 2: Work Instead of Educatio [...]

  4. The index card contains basic information about Cosmo Vero's interview with James R. Gilligan. It ha[...]
    Cosmo Vero Information Index Card

  5. Born and raised in Guyana, Mahipaul Persaud discusses how his economic situation created food tradit[...]
    Mahipaul Persaud, Full Interview

  6. Mahipaul Persaud discusses the traditional value of Indian people towards large families living toge[...]
    Mahipaul Persaud, Clip 1: The Richness of Family

  7. Cosmo Vero grants permission to James R. Gilligan to use the interview they conducted.[...]
    Cosmo Vero Permission Letter

  8. James R. Gilligan wrote a list of questions in preparation for his interview with Cosmo Vero. He ask[...]
    Cosmo Vero: Interview #2 List of Questions

  9. James R. Gilligan's list of questions includes questions about serving in the war.[...]
    James R. Gilligan's Handwritten Questions

  10. Mahipaul Persaud at his friend, Pamela Kabir's home on a typical day in December.[...]
    Mahipaul Persaud at the Home of Pamela Kabir