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  1. Aida Hernandez talks about how there was martial law in the Philippines in the early 1970's and how [...]
    Aida Hernandez, Clip1: Martial Law in the Philippi [...]

  2. Joey shares his memories of being a "greaser," who "could keep cars running with bubble gum and bail[...]
    Joey Tabaco, Clip 3: From Teenage Greaser to the U [...]

  3. Joey Tabaco was born in Long Island City (Queens) and grew up in New Hyde Park (Queens). His parents[...]
    Joey Tabaco, Full Interview

  4. Joey remembers giving a presentation at his daughter's school, SUNY Stony Brook, to PUSO (Philippine[...]
    Joey Tabaco, Clip 4: Journey to Discovering Filipi [...]

  5. Esther Tabaco-Costanzo is a real estate professional who lives in New Hyde Park, Queens, with her hu[...]
    Esther Tabaco-Costanzo, Full Interview

  6. In this interview, Aida Hernandez spoke about her life growing up in the Philippines, and about the [...]
    Aida Hernandez, Full Interview