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  1. Recalling her immigration to Flushing from Poland as a teenager, Zuzanna Tyszka describes how she an[...]
    Zuzanna Tyszka, Clip 2: From Poland to Flushing

  2. Zuzanna Tyszka was born in Poland but moved to the U.S. at the age of 14, settling with her family i[...]
    Zuzanna Tyszka, Full Interview

  3. Zuzanna Tyszka describes what she is most proud of about her borough, and explains her belief that "[...]
    Zuzanna Tyszka, Clip 3: Real New Yorkers Are From [...]

  4. Zuzanna Tyszka reflects on the cultural changes that have taken place in Flushing during the years s[...]
    Zuzanna Tyszka, Clip 1: Flushing's Cultural C [...]